Private Equity Industry's Potential Value Creation for Regional Governments
  Comments Potential benfits to the Region
Venture capital / PE industry encourages/ finances business initiatives in new sectors, their reliance on oil and gas sector by
resulting in economic diversification.
The countries of the GCC can reduce their reliance on oil and gas sector by supporting PE activity in other sectors.
A vibrant PE industry helps to create new employment opportunities, especially in the services sectors, like accounting, law,banking etc. The growth of PE industry will help combat the rising levels of unemployment faced by the region;
Improving Terms of Trade PE helps boost exports through greater competitiveness and improves the balance of trade. Positive impact on the trade balances.
Capital Markets
PE industry improves the depth and liquidity of capital markets through exits. The regional capital markets lack depth and liquidity. Activity in the PE industry may facilitate improving the number and quality of issues on public markets.
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