Fawz Capital's Investment Components:
Due Diligence: Fawz Capital will undertake an extensive examination of the target company's operations, and then seek to develop a thorough understanding of the undertaking and its market, and where possible, identify opportunities where operating profit could be increased through revenue growth, acquisitions or operating efficiencies. A financial model is prepared to include sensitivity analyses of the potential investment returns in order to help determine an appropriate valuation and capital structure for a proposed transaction.

Deal Execution: Fawz Capital will determine an appropriate transaction price, devise an optimal acquisition and financing structure and negotiate the terms of acquisition. Where appropriate, an element of debt finance may be introduced to the transaction structure.

Monitoring: Fawz Capital will seek to establish strategic priorities and business focus and to determine ways of adding value to the business. Fawz Capital will normally seek to be represented on the board of directors of the target company to effect strategic decisions and implement the changes which it considers necessary.

Exit and Realization: Exit strategies anticipate that investments will be realized through: Initial public offerings (IPO) and the subsequent sale of quoted shares; third-party private sales to strategic buyers, and recapitalizations. In most cases strategic exit will take place within 3 to 4 years of the original investment.


Fawz Capital will adopt a sound investment philosophy consisting of the following:
• Investing in businesses that can deliver superior earnings and dividend growth over the long term;
• Acquiring meaningful interests in companies that have sound management and have the ability to generate strong cash returns and growth;
• Forging strategic alliances on a partnership basis; and
• Endeavoring to add value where possible and ensuring excellent returns to shareholders.
Moreover, Fawz Capital realizes that the economic conditions in the region are changing rapidly. Therefore, Fawz Capital will strive to participate in multidimensional investment opportunities that have the ability to adapt to and take advantage of the changing market conditions.

Fawz Capital will seek investment opportunities in all GCC countries, with a particular focus on that Saudi Arabian market. Other markets beyond the GCC will be considered at a later stage depending on the availability of investment opportunities.
Fawz Capital will target companies with sound fundamentals and undervalued assets, and together with financial support and proper management, make use of their underutilized assets to unlock their true potentials.

Additionally, the Company will invest in mature and profitable companies within the GCC region. The acquired companies should have a proven earnings history with sustainable cash flows.


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