Investment approach:
Fawz Capital believes that the GCC region is a dynamic
area where there has been a steady increase in attractive
investment opportunities. In recent years there has been
a diversification in the economies of the region away
from a total reliance on the oil and gas sector. Many
businesses, originally set up as single-product companies, have been expanding and diversifying outside their original national economy and are increasingly operating throughout the region and in some cases beyond. The development of the stock markets in the region not only provides an increased level of general liquidity but has also led to a wider acceptance of different ownership structures.

Fawz Capital will invest primarily in the equity of unquoted companies. It may however, from time to time, invest in companies which are quoted but whose shares do not widely trade. Fawz Capital intends to act as a principal in the acquisition of companies and be actively involved, where possible, in their management strategy.

Fawz Capital will provide a steady stream of deal opportunities that will enable it to select from a wide choice of investment alternatives. Availability of deal choices will enable Fawz Capital to arrive at a balanced portfolio, optimize returns and diversify risks.
Fawz Capital will seek investment opportunities in all GCC countries, with a particular focus on that Saudi Arabian market. Other markets beyond the GCC will be considered at a later stage depending on the availability of investment opportunities.
Fawz Capital will target companies with sound fundamentals and undervalued assets, and together with financial support and proper management, make use of their underutilized assets to unlock their true potentials.

Additionally, the Company will invest in mature and profitable companies within the GCC region. The acquired companies should have a proven earnings history with sustainable cash flows.


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