Fawz Capital Activities:
Buyouts: These include buying out controlled interests in privately owned companies operating within the GCC region. It may also include buying out companies offered for sale by investment banks in the region.

Mergers & Acquisitions: This will involve acquiring financially sound private businesses operating within the GCC region. Fawz Capital aims through this activity to create shareholder value as well as to generate cost efficiencies and revenue enhancement.

Venture Capital: Fawz Capital will conduct market assessment on various industries in order to identify venture capital investment opportunities. These opportunities might include establishing companies in certain economic sector or investing in an early start-up company that Fawz Capital sees to have future growth potential.

Pre-IPO: Pre-IPO investing involves buying a stake in a company before the company makes its initial public offering of securities. Fawz Capital will identify and participate in pre-ipo offerings of companies with sound fundamentals and positive market prospect.


Fawz Capital aspires to develop a distinguished track record of identifying, investing in and developing privately held companies. The investment portfolio of Fawz Capital will consist of the highest quality private equity opportunities that will meet its criteria for potential market success and profitable exit strategies.

Fawz Capital will seek a diverse mix of investments covering all asset classes. Fawz Capital aims to maximize return for its given level of risk within its respective asset class. The Company envisions to undertake investment opportunities in different sectors of the economy such as:

• Consumer goods, mining and manufacturing
• Construction and housing
• Banking and financial services
• Telecommunications
• Tourism, entertainment and leisure projects


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